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my friend, we're digi-destined.

we'll figure the answer out together.

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Name:A community for fans of Digimon
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all of us, we stay the same, only our habits change ♥

Welcome to [community profile] digimon! The first and only community on DreamWidth dedicated to anything and everything Digimon related, be it any of the 5 different anime universes, the manga spin-offs, the games, or even the drama CDs! Whatever floats your boat.

Being that DreamWidth is still a new site and growing, this community is obviously pretty small as well, so for now we only have a few simple rules for you to abide by.

  • First off, no introduction posts. Please? We don't need such spam already.

  • BE NICE TO EACH OTHER. Seriously. I will bring Thine Glorious Mod-Hammer down upon you if things start to get snippy and people are rude.

  • Learn the difference between out-right bashing and criticism. Someone saying they don't like this and that isn't bashing, it's stating a preference. Only if they are outright attacking someone or something is it bashing, and that should really be kept to your personal journal. Don't bring it here.

  • Any large pictures should be posted behind a cut.

  • A post have been set up for roleplay ads to be posted so that the community doesn't get swamped with them. So no roleplay ads posted to the main community, and really no ads in general unless it's directly related to Digimon.

  • Label any and all adult content accordingly.


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